Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Social Media Strategy for Hotels – Building the Pillars of Success

With the rapid developments and growth in every sphere of life, competition is becoming more intense and challenging over time. Tourism has evolved to be a booming industry, and hence, the competition in ancillary industries has become tougher. This has become more apparent for the hotels, trying their level best to survive and flourish among the clutter. In this competitive world, staying away from advertisements and promotions is no smart way. Understanding this fact, many hotels have started promoting their brands to catch the interests of the larger target audience.

However, in an era, where millions of people are spending most of their time online, it is important to set up a social media strategy for hotels, rather than investing recklessly in other forms of advertisements. Social media is the latest trend of the decade, offering an opportunity to connect to the world at large, in a lightning fast speed and with utmost expediency.

Owing to the social media sensation, hotels should aim at connecting to different social media platforms, promoting their brand and services to the larger global audience. Today, more and more hotels are indulging into effective social media promotion online in the way of blogs, article submission in popular article directories, press releases, social bookmarking, connecting via social networking, and pay per click management.

The primary step towards building a social media strategy for the hotels is website design and development, and search engine optimization to ensure improved visibility and awareness of the brand via social media. No wonder, social media is the key to success of any hotel, any brand.      

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