Monday, 17 December 2012

The Hotel Business Today and the Social Media playing its role

With the ever growing competition in the Hospitality industry, where every hotel aims at full occupancy all the time, in order to meet maintenance costs and gain profits, it is not helpful to just have a website as many people believe in out of sight out of mind. The website of the company need to be so well developed that the presence can be felt well in the society as well as in the social networking sites. Therefore, it becomes necessary for a hotel to have a page on any of the social media with a social media strategy for hotels so that people keep on getting updates about the new activities, the new offers, the surroundings and the best features of the hotel. This way, the next time they plan a trip, the hotel they keep seeing on the social media will be the first one to cross their mind.

Social media strategy for hotels when combined with pay per click management can boost the business for any hotel in the industry, if done right. Pay per click management is nothing but a system through which hotels or any other company can put up their ads on another website and pay that particular website for the number of clicks that are made on the advertisement when a particular surfer is browsing on the website that has published the ad This system manages the number of clicks made, and accordingly the payment to be made to the publishing website. This way, everyone makes money!

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