Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A mix of SEO and Paid Search is the best online strategy!

Planning and clear goals are the key to success for any online marketing strategy. Now a days, every company or organization has changed the structure of Media planning which it used in earlier days. Media planning should be the right mixture of Search, Paid and Social Media. There are numerous companies in Dubai who work for their clients to increase the client’s publicity and brand penetration online.

SEO services Dubai are the active players in the online media market. Search Engine Optimization services help in optmizing the client’s website for increased visibility. It can be by increasing the visibility in Organic Searches or increasing awareness, engagement and sharing across social networks and search engines. Social SEO is known as SMO (Social Media optimization). There are various widgets and applications used for SEO. Even there are various websites which help to connect to consumers anytime, anywhere. SMO is done by sharing social content i.e; copywritting, including social network posts, blogs, infographics, and custom content. Also done through Social Branding on facebook, twitter, you tube etc.

The right mix of Pay per click management services set up the right combination for online strategy. The paid services are generally done by 2 means- landing pages which engage with highly targeted audiences and hence increases conversions. The 2nd way is through display ads which are interactive and rotating social banner ads. For every click, a specific amount of money is deducted from the client’s bouty. Both the above services are very much in demand these days and have changed the budget structure of the organizations.


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